Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Secret Series (The Name of This Book is Secret)

Here's a quick one. The Secret Series is one of my favorite book series. Probably in the top five. It's funny, smart(ish), charming, and chocolatey. The books come in five delicious flavors: The Name of This Book is Secret; If You're Reading This, It's Too Late; This Book is not Good for You; This Isn't What It Looks Like; and You Have to Stop This.

That's a quite of books (sorry for my grammar, I'm tired and sick). All in all, it's a whole quintilogy. Or a pentology? Whatever. I just finished rereading the series, and I loved it again. It stars Cass and Max-Ernest, two students who attend The School In Which Things Happen. There are also a whole host of cool, quirky side characters, none of which I will write about because I'm sick and tired.

I realise I'm not doing a great job of selling this, but trust me. The Secret Series is a few million times better than what I make it seem like it is. Wow, my sentences aren't even entirely coherent anymore. Look, I love these books. They were probably my favorite series for a while. If you like humor, magic and... the other stuff under "labels," give this series a try.

In conclusion. These books are real good. Read 'em. That's all I have the brain for today.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


OH MY GOD IS MASTERMINDS A GOOD BOOK. Seriously, I started reading it on Monday, and finished today (Wednesday, or three days later, for you lazy folks). This book gives a new meaning to the phrase "page-turner", the pages practically turn themselves.  As one-of-the-dudes-from-the-back-of-the-book said: "Reading this book while doing anything else is dangerous."

Anyways. Adulation over. Masterminds follows five kids: Eli, Amber, Malik, Hector, and Tori. These kids live in the really small town of Serenity, where everything is perfect, except, you've read books before, so you already know that everything is not perfect at all.

It turns out, some of the kids in Serenity are... special, somehow. When Eli goes out of town with his best friend, Randy, he is struck by a crippling pain, while Randy remains fine. Fortunately, he is picked up by the town's army of Purple People Eaters in their nondescript, menacing black helicopter. You know, no biggie.

After the incident, Randy announces that he will be moving out of Serenity to live with his grandmother. But Eli thinks that Randy is acting strange. And then... well, then the book happens. All that stuff basically happens in the first chapter. This is a book that never seems to stop and take its breath, and it works.

In other words, if you have a weekend to kill, reading Masterminds is one of the best ways to do it. If you like books about people doing things, you will probably love this book.

In Search of the Multiverse

As some of you may have already guessed, In Search of the Multiverse is about the multiverse (and our search for it). If you've ever wondered how much of the multiverse "science" in sci-fi is real, give it a read.

In Search of the Multiverse outlines the basics of several different kinds of multiverse that actual scientists (or at least the fun ones) think might be possible, without going into the actual workings of equations. Really, he doesn't talk about anything that's not needed to understand whatever multiverse he's explaining.

Some multiverses are pretty silly, in my opinion. Then again, some people think that the idea of a multiverse actually existing at all is silly, so there's really no need to judge.

Without going into details of the specific things he says, that's all I have to say. Actually, there's one more thing: this guy, John Gribbin, has written a heck of a lot of books, and most of them are ones I want to read. Given that, I'm probably not going to read any of them, so that the next seven books on this blog aren't all by John Gribbin. Except maybe Shrödinger's Kittens, because I think I can learn a lot of interesting things from it. But that's all.

So, yeah. If you like the idea of the multiverse, and want to know which bits are not completely ridiculous, give this book a read. Andres is out. Peace!