Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamilo

This story is about a mouse named Despereaux (Desperou) who fell in love with a princess. Because he fell in love with a princess, the other mice sent him to the dungeon. At the same time that the mouse was born, a rat was born. A weird rat. He was so weird in fact that he liked light. His name was Chiaroscuro (Roskurou). And at the same time that was happening, a girl named Miggery Sow was coming in a carriage with pots and bowls and spoons. When Miggery Sow goes down to feed Gregory the Jailer, Roscuro goes into her pocket and hears her wish that someday she will be a princess. Then Roscuro climbs out of her pocket and tells her a plan. Now, earlier, Despereaux had climbed into Miggery's pocket, so he heard the rat tell Miggery about his evil plan. Will Despereaux be able to save the princess he loves?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

More Perfect Than the Moon, by Patricia MacLachlan

More Perfect than the Moon was more perfect than the moon! It's about a girl named Sarah who has a journal and writes fantasy things from non-fiction things. Sarah has a grandpa, a mom and dad, two brothers, and one sister. In the middle of the story, Sarah's mother gets pregnant. Soon after that, Sarah gets a sheep from her grandma and names her Beatrice. Then her sister and one of her brothers fall in love with other people and Sarah makes up a story about her brother falling in love with a princess coming in a charriot, but actually it was a girl coming in a wagon. When the baby was born, Sarah wasn't so sure about it. Will Sarah finally admit that the baby is more perfect than the moon?