Monday, February 03, 2014

Saga (and also Epic)

Saga is the second book in a series starting with Epic. The series in set in the future, on New Earth (which is like old earth, but fresher). on New Earth, all arguments are settled in a video game called Epic, which is set in a fantasy world. Eric, a boy from New Earth, goes on a quest to become rich and then accidentally saves the world.
This is where the first book ends. In the second book, Saga, a mysterious robot probe replaces Epic with a new game called Saga. Saga is also set in the future, but more so (the people have hover cars, hover boards, holograms, and the like). Citizens in Saga are given a card of a certain color, and better colors get better things. The best colors are given to the people with power, so the people with the worst colors are struggling to survive.
However, something is different with this game. Something is not right. Something is trying to gain immortality, and will stop at nothing to do it.
So, yeah, basically, it's save-the-world time again.
Saga is a fast-paced, exciting book with an interesting story and cool characters. The story is told by Eric, the kid from New Earth; Ghost, a member of the resistance (in the game); and the Dark Queen, the leader of Saga.
Be sure to read the first book (Epic) first. Also, there is killing, (in both books), so be warned. Epic is really cool because it combines fantasy and science fiction really well. If you enjoy suspenseful stories where the book gives you a chance to figure things out before the character, this book is for you.