Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bloomability by Sharon Creech

Bloomability was fantastico!

Libero, libero, liberoooooo! This book was great and the review is going to be great too. This story is about a girl named Dinnie who went to Lugano, Switzerland, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, with Aunt Sandy and Uncle Max. Dinnie was so upset about leaving her family in the States and going to boarding school. When she gets to Lugano she meets Guthrie. Guthrie tells Dinnie a story to make her feel better, but it doesn't work because Dinnie doesn't understand the story yet. The story is about two prisoners looking out the same window. One said, "My oh my, what a lot of sky!" and the other one said, "My oh my, what a lot of dirt!" I thought the message meant we all live in the same planet even though we are different.

Soon after Dinnie met Guthrie, she met Lila at the church. Lila and Guthrie were very different from each other. Guthrie was always cheerful and happy; Lila, if she had a scratch she would say she was going to die. In the school were also Keisuke, Belén, and Mari who were in the same grade as Dinnie, Guthrie and Lila. Keisuke is Japanese, he talks great at English. Almost. Instead of "stupid", he says stew-pod and instead of "possible", he says bloomable. Belén is Spainese. She and Keisuke like each other. Mari is from Rome, Italy.

I figured out, even before my mom did, that Bloomability was about all the possibilities on the planet: all the chances that you get to see new things and go to new places; all the chances of life when someone is ill or injured; all the chances of making friends with people even when they are very different from you; all the chances of loving some place or some thing when you think you are going to hate it. That's what Guthrie's story was about, possibilities. If you like adventure, courage, and caring, read this book.

A note from the reviewer: Sometimes, when you are looking for the good things, it helps to look for the bad things. For example, a forest fire seems horrible, but it turns the grass into ash to fertilize the earth, so sometimes some bad things can actually turn into good things.