Monday, September 03, 2007

Dino Poop, by Jane Hammerslough

Dino Poop is about prehistoric things that were preserved. The first chapter is about dinosaur poop. The next chapter is about things that are trapped in amber. The third chapter is about things that were trapped in ice, the most famous thing was a perfectly preserved woolly mamoth which even had eyes! The fourth chapter was about creatures trapped in bogs. One of the most famous was so preserved that the two boys who found it thought it was a recent murder and called the police. Then there is a whole chapter of activities to do, like Making Edible Amber.

To make edible amber, you need:
  • a freezer safe bowl
  • some peach or mango juice
  • gummy frogs or lizards
  • If you want, cocoa powder for dirt and licorice for sticks.

  1. Put a gummy lizard in a bowl.
  2. Pour mango or peach juice in the bowl.
  3. You can add cocoa powder or licorice for dirt and sticks.
  4. Put the bowl in the freezer.
  5. Get ready to eat it!
  6. Eat it.

If you like science, books that you can read in two evenings, and weird and wonderful facts read this book.