Sunday, January 28, 2007

Everything on a Waffle, by Polly Horvath

This book was Fantabulous. It’s about a girl named Primrose, whose parents were lost at sea. Primrose was full of hope and belief that her parents were stranded in an island alive waiting to be rescued. While her parents were out in the storm she had been watched by Miss Perfidy. Then Primrose went to a Council Meeting where her uncle Jack, who sells houses, started to take care of her. Uncle Jack's house was next to the school, so that he could teach P.E.

You might be wondering about the title. The title is about a restaurant called The Girl on The Red Swing, where they served everything on a waffle. If you ordered fish, it came on a waffle. If you ordered soup, it came on a waffle. If you ordered a waffle, it came on a waffle. One day while they were eating at The Girl on The Red Swing, Jack's houses burned up in a fire! The fire was caused by a high voltage cable that was cut by something. What I really liked about this book is the end, which I am not going to tell you about. I also liked Primrose's belief in her parents.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dinosaurs: The world's most terrifying creatures by Veronica Ross

This book was terrific. It tells you about more than just dinosaurs, it's a trip from the Cambrian Period to the 21st century. It'll also tell you about sea monsters and Pterosaurs and other lizards like Coelurosauravus and Diplocaulus and things from the Ice Age like Borhyaena and Colossochelys.

This book divided the Cretaceous into two parts.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Littles Go to School by John Peterson

This book was good. It's about when 10-year-old Tom and 8-year-old Lucy get traped in a hamster's cage and go to school. Tom and Lucy aren't ordinary kids, they are Littles. Littles look like ordinary people except that they have tails and the biggest Little, Mr. Little, is only 6 inches tall. Will Tom and Lucy get back home before dark?

I like this book because it has excitement, unexpectedness, and especially fun.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Chasing Redbird, by Sharon Creech

This book was GREAT!!!!! This book is about Zinnia Taylor, a girl at the age of 13, who has three brothers and three sisters. She lives with her mom and dad and her Uncle Nate and Aunt Jessie. The story is about when Zinny(a) finds an old trail and starts to clear it. But when Uncle Nate's wife, Aunt Jessie, dies, he starts acting weird. Along the way clearing the trail, Zinny finds things like fossils, a bear, a bob cat, and lots of different kinds of birds, especially redbirds. She also finds Uncle Nate's secret. There is also a man named Jake Boone, who likes Zinny and gives her presents almost every day. He even steals things to please Zinny. At the end, Zinny was famous for clearing the whole trail.

I like this book because it's about adventure, determination, funniness --for example, chickory plants sprouting from chicken eggs-- and God.